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Lying Together is a new faith-friendly romantic comedy set in the mountains of Colorado. Tired of the pressure to get married, the last two single adults in a church pretend to date each other.

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About the Film

Jess and Alex are best friends, and also the last two single people in their church. Jess is happily single, Alex less so.  Their newly engaged friend Rachel invites everyone to a mountain getaway weekend for her wedding. On arrival, the pastor — Jess’s father! — tries to set Jess up with yet another guy. Sick of the pressure, Jess blurts out that she and Alex are dating. Can they keep up the lie all weekend? Will they end up together, with someone else, or alone? Will they even stay friends?

Lying Together is an original romantic comedy, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Colorado Rockies. Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding did for Mediterranean family culture, Lying Together introduces audiences to the quirky but lovable sub-culture that makes up so many modern churches.